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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Docks And Harbours }

36. On a hydrographic map, the following feature is shown:
A. datum
B. high and low water lines
C. depth contours
D. all the above.
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37. Depth of borings for soil investigation, is generally kept below low water level
A. 30 m
B. 35 m
C. 45 m
D. 40 m.
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38. The floating mooring does not require
A. cables
B. anchors
C. bollard
D. buoy.
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39. The fixed mooring does not require
A. mooring post
B. bollard
C. anchors
D. capstan.
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40. Buoys which support the cables to which vessels are attached are of
A. cylindrical shape
B. drum
C. pear shaped
D. all of these.
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41. For large vessels, the buoys are strengthened by connecting it to a number of anchors having
A. one legged mooring
B. two legged mooring
C. three legged mooring
D. all the types as above.
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42. Which one of the following lines is used for tying a ship with a dock
A. bow line
B. stern line
C. spring line
D. all of these.
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