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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Docks And Harbours }

22. Due to the impact of water wave on a sea shore structure
A. hydrostatic pressure coupled with a strong momentary impact is caused
B. vibrations are subjected
C. internal pressure is developed
D. all of the above.
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23. A harbour is a place where
A. ships get shelter and protection against destructive forces due to sea waves
B. facilities are provided for receiving cargo and passengers
C. port buildings are constructed for commercial purposes
D. all the above.
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24. A roadstead
A. is a protected area of water where boats can move safely
B. is the end of the road at the harbor
C. may be protected by break water walls
D. none of these.
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25. The width of the entrances of the harbours is restricted to
A. 100 m
B. 125 m
C. 150 m
D. 180 m.
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26. A dock :
A. is a marine structure for berthing of vessels for loading and unloading cargo and passengers
B. is an artificial basin for vessels where the variation of water in the shore does not affect the level of water
C. is provided with a dock gate
D. all the above.
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27.  In a wet dock system
A. minimum required depth of water for the vessels is maintained
B. entrance locks are provided with massive gates
C. the locks of dock gate are operated by means of heavy bascule bridges and connected machinery
D. all the above.
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28. The shape of docks and basins is generally kept
A. rectangular ways
B. diamond shape gauys
C. inclined gauys
D. all of these.
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