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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Concrete Technology }

36. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Calcium chloride acts as a retarder
B.(d) Calcium chloride acts as an accelerator
C. Gypsum (calcium sulphate) acts as a retarder
D. Both C and
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37. Vicat's apparatus is used for
A. fineness test
B. consistency test
C. setting time test
D. soundness test
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38.  The diameter of the Vicat plunger is 10 mm and its length varies from
A. 20 mm to 30 mm
B. 30 mm to?40 mm
C. 40 nom to 50 mm
D. 50 trim to 60 mm
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39.  If 1500 g of water is required to have a cement paste 1875 g of normal consistency, the percentage of water is,
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40.  Pick up the incorrect statemnt from the following For performing compressive strength test of cement
A. cement and standard sand mortar are used in the ratio of 1 : 3
B. water is added at the rate of + 30 percentage of water where P is the percentage of water for standard consistency
C. A cube mould of 10 cm' x 10 cm x 10 cm is used
D. The perpared moulds are kept in a atmosphere of 50% relative humidity
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41.  Pick up the incorrect statement applicable to the field test of good cement
A. When one thrusts one's hand into a bag of cement, one should feel warm
B. The colour of the cement is bluish
C. A handful of cement thrown into a bucket of water should sink immediately
D. All the above
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42. Inert material of a cement concrete mix, is
A. water
B. cement
C. aggregate
D. none of these
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