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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Concrete Technology }

225.  Addition of pozzolana to cement causes
A. reduction in permeability
B. loss of heat of hydration
C. reduction in bleeding
D. all the above
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226.  For a good concrete
A. aggrcgates should be hard and durable
B. cement should be sufficient to produce the required strength
C. water should be free from organic materials
D. All the above
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227.  Cement used for normal concrete construction, is obtained by burning a mixture of
A. silicious and argillaceous materials
B. argilaceous and calcareous materials
C. silicious and catcareous materials
D. silicious, argillaceous and calcareous materials
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228. The mixture of different ingredients of cement, is burnt at
A. 1000?C
B. 1200?C
C. 1400?C
D. 1600?C
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229.  The cement whose strength is a little lower than the ordinary cement during the first three months but attains afterwards the same strength, is known as
A. low-heat Portland cement
B. rapid hardening Portland cement
C. Portland blast slag cement
D. Portland pozzolana cement
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230.  For construction of structures in sea water, the cement generally preferred to, is
A. Portland-pozzolana cement
B. quick setting cement
C. low heat Portland cement
D. rapid hardening cement
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231.  For quality control of Portland cement, the test essentially done is
A. setting time
B. soundness
C. tensile strength
D. all the above
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