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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Concrete Technology }

197.  If the average compressive strength is 4000 kg/cm2 and standard deviation is 500, the co-efficient of variation is
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198.  Batching error means inaccuracy in the quantity of
A. aggregates
B. cement
C. water
D. all the above
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199.  Addition of pozzolana to ordinary port land cement, causes
A. decrease in early strength
B. reduction in chemical action with sulphates
C. increase in shrinkage
D. all the above
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200.  Addition of pozzolana to cement
A. decreases workability
B. increases strength
C. increases heat of hydration
D. none of these
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201.  Pozzolanic properties exist in
A. shales
B. fly ash
C. pumicite
D. all the above
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202. Setting time of cement increases by adding
A. gypsum
B. calcium chloride
C. sodium oxide
D. calcium sulphate
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203.  Setting time of cement decreases by adding
A. gypsum
B. hydrogen peroxide
C. calcium chloride
D. sodium oxide
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