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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Concrete Technology }

92.  Wp and Wf are the weights of a cylinder containing partially compacted and fully compacted concrete lithe corn, wp N paction factor is 095, the workability of concrete is wf
A. extrernety low
B. very low
C. low
D. high

93.  Proper proportioning of concrete, ensures
A. desired strength and workability
B. desired durability
C. water tightness of the structure
D. all the above

94.  The grade of concrete not recommended by 1S : 456, is
A. M 100
B. M 200
C. M 300
D. M 500

95.  The grade of concrete M 150 means that compressive strength of a 15 cm cube after 28 days, is
A. 100 kg/cm2
B. 150 kg/cm2
C. 200 kg/cm2
D. 250 kg/cm2

96.  According to I S :456, the number of grades of concrete mixes, is

97.  If the engineer-in-charge approves, the 10 cm cubes may be used for the work test of concrete provided maximum nominal size of aggregate, does not exceed
A. 10 cm
B. 15 cm
C. 20 cm
D. 25 cm

98.  Pick up the incorrect statement from the following While performing preliminary test on concrete
A. proportions of the material and water should be the same as to be used at the work site
B. cement should be mixed by hand in order to maintain uniformity
C. concrete mix should be stored in air-tight containers
D. concrete ingredients should be kept at a temperature of 37??2?C

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