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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Concrete Technology }

1. The strength and quality of concrete, depend upon :
A. grading of aggregates
B. surface area of aggregates
C. shape of aggregates
D. all the above

2. To hydrate 500 kg cement fully, water needed, is
A. 100 kg
B. 110 kg
C. 120 kg
D. 130 kg

3. The lower water cethent ratio in concrete, introduces
A. smaller creep and shrinkage
B. greater density and smaller permeability
C. improved frost resistance
D. all the above

4.  A concrete having a slump of 65 cm, is said to be
A. dry
B. earth moist
C. semi-plastic
D. plastic

5.  Concrete is unsuitable for compaction by a vibrator if it is
A. dry
B. earth moist
C. semi-plastic
D. plastic

6.  The entrained air in concrete
A. increases workability
B. decreases workability
C. decreases resistance to weathering
D. increases strength

7.  The increased cohesiveness of concrete, makes it
A. less liable to segregation
B. more liable to segregation
C. more liable to bleeding
D. more liable for surface scaling in frosty weather

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