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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Building Materials }

36. Jbumb bricks are
A. under burnt
B. over burnt
C. kutcha
D. none of these.

37. The portion of the brick cut across its width and having its length equal to that of a full brick, is known as
A. closer
B. queen closer
C. king closer
D. prince closer

38. The portion of the brick without a triangular corner equal to half the width and half the length, is called
A. closer
B. queen closer
C. king closer
D. squint brick.

39. The portion of a brick cut to form angles other than right angles in plan, is known as
A. queen closer
B. king closer
C. closer
D. squint brick.

40. Refractory bricks resist
A. high temperature
B. chemical action
C. dampness
D. all the above.

41. Refractory bricks are used for
A. retaining walls
B. columns
C. piers
D. combustion chambers.

42. The fire clay contains pure
A. lime
B. oxide of iron
C. hydrated aluminium silicate
D. magnesium.

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