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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Building Materials }

92.  Minimum required water cement ratio for a workable concrete, is

93. Inner part of a timber log surrounding the pitch, is called
A. sapwood
B. cambium layer
C. heart wood
D. none to these.

94. Age of a tree may be ascertained by
A. radius of its stem
B. circumference of its stem
C. number of branches
D. number of annual rings.

95.  Pick up the correct statement from the following : Method of sawing timber
A. tangentially to annual rings, is known as tangential method.
B. in four quarters such that each board cuts annual rings at angles not less than 45?, is known as quarter sawing method.
C. cut out of quarter logs, parallel to the medullary rays and perpendicular to annual rings, is known as radial sawing.
D. all the above.

96. Seasoning of timber is essential to remove
A. knots from timber
B. sap from timber
C. twisted fibre from timber
D. roughness of timber.

97. A piece of sawn timber whose cross-sectional dimensions exceed 5 cm, in one direction and 20 cm in the other direction, is called a
A. cant
B. deal
C. baulk
D. strip.

98. A piece of timber whose thickness and width are respectively 5 cm and 10 cm is called
A. slate
B. plank
C. board
D. strip.

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