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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Building Construction }

43. Glazing of clay products, is done
A. to improve their appearance
B. to protect them from atmospheric effect
C. to protect them from corrosive action
D. all the above.
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44. Generally wooden moulds are made from
A. ply wood
B. shisharn wood
C. deodar wood
D. teak wood
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45. The-kiln which may work throughout the year, is
A. Clamp
B. Bull's kiln
C. Hoffman's kiln
D. none of these.
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46.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Lime is available in free state
B. Lime is available by dissolving calcium carbonate in water
C. Lime is available by calcining calcium carbonate at 900?C
D. Lime is nothing but calcium chloride
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47. The lime which contains mainly calcium oxide and slacks with water, is
A. fat lime
B. quick lime
C. hydraulic lime
D. poor lime
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48. The lime which contains high percentage of calcium oxide, is generally called
A. fat lime
B. rich lime
C. white lime
D. none of these.
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49. The property by virtue of which lime sets under water, is known as
A. slacking
B. setting
C. hydraulicity
D. calcining.
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