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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Building Construction }

316. The thermosetting plastic
A. becomes rigid when moulded at suitable pressure and temperature
B. at 127?C to 177?C permanently set and further application of heat does not soften it
C. charrs at 343?C
D. All the above.
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317.  Elastomers can extend upto
A. five times their original dimensions
B. seven times their original dimensions
C. ten times their original dimensions
D. three times their original dimensions.
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318. The plastics made from cellulose resin
A. are as clear as glass
B. are tough and strong
C. possess excellent electrical properties
D. All the above.
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319. Acrylic is the name of
A. cellulose resin
B. alkyd resin
C. methyl metha crylate
D. cumarone-indene.
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320. Acrylic sheets
A. possess 10 to 17 times greater breakage resistance than that of glass of equivalent thickness
B. are generally unaffected by most house- hold detergents
C. possess the light transmission rate of 93%
D. all the above.
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321. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Styrene resin is produced from ethylene which is made from petroleum
B. Styrene resin is light in weight
C. Styrene resin transmits ultraviolet waves of light
D. All the above.
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322. The plastics prepared from Vinyl resin are
A. odourless
B. non-toxic
C. transparent
D. all of these.
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