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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Building Construction }

8. Gniess is obtained from
A. igneous rocks
B. metamorphic rocks
C. sedimentary rocks
D. sedimentary-metamorphic rocks.

9. Dolomite is a lime stone which contains carbonate of magnesia upto

10. Black marble is generally found in the district of
A. Jodhpur
B. Jaipur
C. Jabalpur
D. Jaisalmer

11. The softest rock is
A. marble
B. diamond
C. talc
D. quartz.

12. Shingle is
A. decomposed laterite
B. argillaceous rock
C. water bound pebbles
D. silicious rock.

13. The rock generally used for roofing, is
A. granite
B. basalt
C. slate
D. pumice.

14. Good quality stones must
A. be durable
B. be free from clay
C. resist action of acids
D. all the above.

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