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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Building Construction }

127. A prime coat is given to steel work with
A. an oxide of iron paint
B. a mixture of white lead and lead paint
C. a special paint
D. cement paint.

128. The base material for distemper, is
A. chalk
B. lime
C. lime putty
D. cement wash.

129. The commonly used drying oil for oil paints, is
A. olive oil
B. linseed oil
C. kerosine oil
D. accetate of lead.

130. Distemper is
A. a paint consisting of powdered chalk, pigments, and water
B. a water proofing agent
C. a paint consisting of coloured cement and water
D. a drying agent.

131.  Plastic asphalt is
A. used as a water proofing layer over roof
B. a mixture of cement and asphalt
C. a natural asphalt
D. a refinery product.

132.  French Wish-is
A. oil paint
B. distemper
C. spirit varnish
D. none to these.

133. Duco paints are
A. plastic paints
B. cellulose paints
C. emulsion paints
D. oil paints.

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