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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Building Construction }

78.  The percentage of water for normal consistency, is
A. 5% to 15%
B. 10% to 25%
C. 15% to 25%
D. 20% to 30%
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79.  If P is the percentage of water required for normal consistency, water to be added for determination of initial setting time, is
A. 0.70 P
B. 0.75 P
C. 0.80 P
D. 0.85 P
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80. Soundness of cement is tested by
A. Vicat's apparatus
B. Le-chatelier apparatus
C. compressive strength testing apparatus
D. none of the these.
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81.  Soundness test of cement determines
A. quality of free lime
B. ultimate strength
C. durability
D. initial setting
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82. With storage, strength of cement
A. increases
B. decreases
C. remains the same
D. none to these.
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83. In a mortar, the binding material is
A. cement
B. sand
C. surkhi
D. cinder.
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84.  Good quality sand is never obtained from
A. river
B. nala
C. sea
D. gravel powder.
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