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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

57. If a body moves in such a way that its velocity increases by equal amount in equal intervals of time, it is said to be moving with
A. a uniform retardation
B. a uniform acceleration
C. a variable acceleration
D. a variable retardation
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58. Equation of motion of a point in a straight line, is
A. v = u + ft
B. S = ut + -1 ft2
C. 2fS = v2 - u2
D. all the above.
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59. Time required to stop a car moving with a velocity 20 m/sec within a distance of 40 m, is
A. 2 sec
B. 3 sec
C. 4 sec
D. 5 sec
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60. The velocity of a body fallen from height h, on reaching the ground is given by
A. v = 2gh
B. v = 2gh2
C. v = V2gh
D. v = 11V2gh h 2
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61. A particle moves with a velocity of 2 m/sec in a straight line with a negative acceleration of 0.1 m/sec2. Time required to traverse a distance of 1.5 m, is
A. 40 sec
B. 30 sec
C. 20 sec
D. 15 sec
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62. A particle moves along a straight line such that distance x traversed in t seconds is given by x = t2(t + 1), the acceleration of the particle, will be
A. 3t3 - 2f
B. 3t2 + 2f
C. 6t - 2
D. 6f + 2
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63. A ball is dropped from the top of a vertical tower 60 m high and another ball is projected from the foot of the same tower upwards at the same time. If they meet at a height of 18 m, the velocity of projection of the second ball, is
A. 10 m/sec
B. 15 m/sec
C. 20.48 m/sec
D. 48.20 m/sec
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