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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

43. The moment of inertia of the shaded portion of the area shown in Fig. 5.1 about the X-axis, is
A. 229.34 cm
B. 329.34 cm4
C. 429.34 cm4
D. 529.34 cm4.
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44. The M.I, of a thin spherical shell, is
A. Mr4I2
B. Mr2
C. 2/3Mr2
D. 2J5Mr2
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45. M.I. of solid sphere, is
A. 2/3Mr2
B. 215Mr2
C. Mr2
D. itr4/2
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46. The maximum frictional force which comes into play, when a body just begins to slide over the surface of a an other body, is known
A. sliding friction
B. rolling friction
C. limiting friction
D. none of these.
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47. The angle of friction is :
A. The ratio of the friction and the normal reaction
B. The force of friction when the body is in motion
C. The angle between the normal reaction and the resultant of normal raction and limiting friction
D. The force of friction at which the body is just about to move.
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48. The following is not a law of static friction :
A. The force of friction always acts in a direction opposite to that in which the body tends to move
B. The force of friction is dependent upon the area of contact
C. The force of friction depends upon the roughness of the surface
D. The magnitude of the limiting friction bears a constant ratio to the normal reaction between two surfaces.
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49. Kinetic friction may be defined as
A. friction force acting when the body is just about to move
B. friction force acting when the body is in motion
C. angle between normal reaction and resultant of normal reaction and limiting friction
D. ratio of limiting friction and normal reaction.
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