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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

197. From the circular plate of a diameter 6 cm is cut out a circular plate whose diameter is equal to radius of the plate. The e.g. of the remainder shifts from the original position through
A. 0.25 cm
B. 0.50 cm
C. 0.75 cm
D. 1.00 cm.
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198. The e.g. of a thin hollow cone of height h, above its base is diminished by
A. 5.5 kg
B. 6.25 kg
C. 8.75 kg
D. 10.5 kg.
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199. From a solid cylinder of height 8 cm and radius 4 cm, a right circular cone is scooped out on the same base and having the same height as that of the cylinder. The c.g. of the remainder is at a height of
A. 4.5 cm
B. 5.0 cm
C. 5.25 cm
D. 5.5 cm.
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200. The acceleration of a train starting from rest at any 1 instant is 6(V + 1) m/sec2 where V is the velocity of the train in m/sec. The train will attain a velocity of 36 km/hour after travelling a distance of
A. 2000 m
B. 2100 m
C. 2200 m
D. 2300 m
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201. The motion of a particle is described by the relation x = t2 ? 10t + 30, where x is in metres and t in seconds. The total distance travelled by the particle from t = 0 to t = 10 seconds would be
A. zero
B. 30 m
C. 50 m
D. 60 m
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202. Three forces which act on a rigid body to keep it in equilibrium. The forces must be coplanar and
A. concurrent
B. parallel
C. concurrent parallel
D. none of these.
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203. The equation of motion of a particle starting from rest along a straight line is x = t3 ? 312 + 5. The ratio of the velocities after 5 sec and 3 sec will be
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