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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

190. Two particles have been_wojected at angles 64? and 450 to the horizontal. If the velocity of projection of first is 10 nilsee, the velocity of projection of the other for equal horizontal ranges is
A. 9.3 m/sec
B. 8.3 m/sec
C. 7.3 m/sec
D. 6.3 m/sec.
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191. la is coefficient of friction. A wheeled vehicle travelling on a circular level track will slip and overturn simultaneously if the ratio of its wheel distance to the height of its centroid, is
A. g
C. 3g
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192. If two forces acting at a point are in equilibrium, they must be equal in magnitude and their line of action must be along
A. the same line in the same sense
B. the same line in opposite sense
C. the perpendicular to both the lines
D. none of these.
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193. The resultant of two forces acting at right angles is 5kgf and if they act at an angle of 60?, it is kgf., Themagnitudes of the forces are
A. 2 kgf, 3 kgf
B. 3 kgf, 4 kgf
C. 4 kgf, 5 kgf
D. 5 kgf, 3 kgf.
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194. A string of length 90 cm is fastened to two points A and B at the same level 60 cm apart. A ring weighing 120 g is slided on the string. A horizontal force P is applied to the ring such that it is in equilibrium vertically below B. The valuorPis :
A. 40 g
B. 60 g
C. 80 g
D. 100 g.
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195. The ends of a string weighing w/metre are attached to two points at the same horizontal level. If the central dip is very small, the horizontal tension of the string throughout is w12
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196. A trolley wire weighs 1 kg per metre length. The ends of the wire are attached to two poles 20 m apart. If the horizontal tension is 1000 kg, the central dip of the cable is
A. 2 cm
B. 3 cm
C. 4 cm
D. 5 cm.
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