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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

183. A sphere is resting on two planes BA and BC which are inclined at 450 and 60? respectively with the horizontal. The reaction on the plane BA will be
A. less than that on BC
B. more than that of BC
C. equal to that on BC
D. zero
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184. A weight W is suspended at the free end of a light member hinged to a vertical wall. If the angle of inclination of the member with the upper wall is 0?, the force introduced in the member, is
A. W sec 0
B. W cos 0
C. W sin 0
D. W cosec
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185. At a given instant ship A is travelling at 6 km/h due east and ship B is travelling at 8 km/h due north. The velocity of B relative to A is
A. 7 km/h
B. 2 km/h
C. 1 km/h
D. 10 km/h
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186. One Newton force, is
A. 103 dynes
B. 104 dynes
C. 105 dynes
D. 106 dynes
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187. Joule is the unit of
A. work
B. force
C. power
D. energy
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188. A geo-stationary satellite is one which orbits the earth with a velocity of rotation of
A. moon
B. earth
C. sun
D. pole.
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189. If the horizontal range is 2.5 times the greatest height, the angle of projection of the projectile, is
A. 57?
B. 58?
C. 59?
D. 60?.
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