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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

176. The intrinsic equation of catenary is
A. S = c tan w
B. y = c cosh x/c
C.y = c cosh w
D. y = sinh w.
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177. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Nature plays an important role in the launch of a satellite
B. The earth's gravity reduces the speed of a satellite by 32 km per second
C. The gravitational force relents as the satellite climbs higher
D. All the above.
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178. The gravitational force makes a satellite go round the earth in a circular orbit, if it is projected with an initial velocity of
A. 8.04 km/sec at a height of 285 km
B. 11.11 km/sec at a height of 37,400 km
C. 11.26 km/sec, the satellite escapes the pull of the earth
D. all the above.
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179. A satellite is said to move in a synchronous orbit if it moves at an altitude of 36,000 km with a maximum velocity of about
A. 7,000 km per hour
B. 8,000 km per hour
C. 9,000 km per hour
D. 11,000 km per hour.
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180. To attain the synchronous orbit, the launch of a satel-lite, is done from a place
A. on equator
B. on 30? latitude
C. on 450 latitude
D. on 60? latitude
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181. The rotational velocity of a satellite is increased by 450 m per second if its launch is done from equator
A. eastward
B. northward
C. westward
D. southward
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182. The following factor affects the orbit of a satellite up to an altitude of 720 km from the earth's surface
A. uneven distribution of the gravitational field
B. gravity of the sun and the moon
C. aerodynamic forces
D. none of these.
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