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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

169. Total no of instantaneous centres of a machine having n links, is
A. n/2
B.1 + n
D.none of these.
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170. When a body in equilibrium undergoes an infinitely small displacement, work imagined to be done, is known as
A. imaginary work
B. negative work
C. virtual work
D. none of these.
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171. If the angle between the applial force and the direction of motion of a body, is between 90? and 180?, the work done, is called
A. virtual work
B. imaginary work
C. zero work
D. negative work.
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172. A cable loaded with 0.5 tonne per horizontal metre span is stretched between supports in the same horizontal line 400 m apart. If central dip is 20 m, the minimum tension in the cable, will be
A. 200 tonnes at the centre
B. 500 tonnes at the centre
C. 200 tonnes at the right support
D. 200 tonnes at the left support.
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173. To avoid bending action at the base of a pier,
A. suspension and anchor cables are kept at the same level
B. suspension and anchor cables are fixed to pier top
C. suspension cable and anchor cables are attached to a saddle mounted on rollers on top of the pier
D. none the these.
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174. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. In case of suspension bridge due to rise in temperature,
A. dip of the cable increases
B. length of the cable increases
C. dip of the cable decreases
D. none of the these.
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175. The shape of a suspended cable under its own weight, is
A. parabolic
B. circular
C. catenary
D. elliptical.
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