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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

162. Work may be defined as
A. force x distance
B. force x velocity
C. force x acceleration
D. none of these.
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163. Energy may be defined as
A. power of doing work
B. capacity of doing work
C. rate of doing work
D. all the above.
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164. Power can be expressed as
A. work/energy
B. work/time
C. work x time
D. work/distance.
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165. The practical units of work, is
A. erg
B. joule
C. Newton
D. dyne.
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166. The product of mass and velocity of a moving a. body, is called
A. moment
B. momentum
C. power
D. impulse.
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167. The unit of impulse, is
A. kg.m/sec
B. kg.m2/sec
C. kg.m/sec2
D. kg.m2/sec2.
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168. According to Kennedy's theorem, if three bodies have plane motion, their instantaneous centres lie on
A. a point
B. a straight line
C. two straight lines
D. a triangle.
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