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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

155. The resultant of the forces acting on a body will be zero if the body
A. rotates
B. moves with variable velocity in a straight line
C. moves along a curved path
D. does not move at all.
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156. The apparent weight of a man in a moving lift is less than his real weight when it is going down with
A. uniform speed
B. an acceleration
C. linear momentum
D. retardation.
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157. When a body falls freely under gravitational force, it possesses
A. maximum weight
B. minimum weight
C. no weight
D. no effect on its weight.
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158. The force which produces an acceleration of 1 m/sec2 in a mass of one kg, is called
A. dyne
B. Netwon
C. joule
D. erg.
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159. Two forces of 6 Newtons and 8 Newtons which are acting at right angles to each other, will have a resultant of
A. 5 Newtons
B. 8 Newtons
C. 10 Newtons
D. 12 Newtons.
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160. A satellite goes on moving along its orbit round the earth due to
A. gravitational force
B. centrifugal force
C. centripital force
D. none of these.
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161. A ball which is thrown upwards, returns to the ground describing a parabolic path during its flight
A. vertical component of velocity remains constant
B. horizontal component of velocity remains constant
C. speed of the ball remains constant
D. kinetic energy of the ball remains constant.
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