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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

141. Engineer's units of force, is
A. Newton in absolute units
B. Dyne in absolute units
C. Newton and dyne in absolute units
D. All the above.
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142. If the gravitational acceleration at any place is doubled, the weight of a body, will
A. be reduced to half
B. be doubled
C. not be affected
D. none of these.
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143. P is the force acting on a body whose mass is m and acceleration is f. The equation P - mf = 0, is known as
A. equation of dynamics
B. equation of dynamic equilibrium
C. equation of statics
D. none of these.
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144. The tension in a cable supporting a lift
A. is more when the lift is moving downwards
B. is less when the lift is moving upwards
C. remains constant whether it moves downwards or upwards
D. is less when the lift is moving downwards.
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145. When a body slides down an inclined surface, the acceleration (f) of the body, is given by
A. f = g
B. f g sin 0
C. f = g cos 0
D. f = g tan O.
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146. A train weighing 196 tonnes experiences a frictional resistance of 51V22 per tonne. The speed of the train at the top of a down gradient 1 in 78.4 is 36 kin/hour. The speed of the train after running 1 km down the slope, is
A. 5- Irr) m/sec
B. lONIK mIsec
C. 5V8- m/sec
D. a - m/sec.
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147. A bullet weighing 200 g is fired horizontally with a velocity of 25 m/sec from a gun carried on a carriage which together with the gun weighs 100 kg. The velocity of recoil of the gun, will be
A. 0.01 in/sec
B. 0.05 m/sec
C. 1.00 in/sec
D. 1.5 m/sec.
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