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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

8. If two forces.P and Q (P > Q) act on the same straight line but in opposite direction, their resultant, is
A. P + Q
D. P ? Q
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9. If two forces of 3 kg and 4 kg act at right angles to each other, their resultant force will be equal to
A. 7 kg
B. 1 kg
C. 5 kg
D.( d) 117 kg
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10. Two forces act an angle of 120?. If the greater force is 50 kg and their resultant is perpendicular to the smaller force, the smaller force is
A. 20 kg
B. 25 kg
C. 30 kg
D. 35 kg
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11. The resolved part of the resultant of two forces inclined at an angle 0 in a given direction is
A. algebraic sum of the resolveeparts of the forces in the direction
B.- arithmetical sum of the resolved parts of the forces in the direction
C. difference of the forces multiplied by cosine 0?
D. sum of the forces multiplied by the sine 0
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12. The resultant of two forces acting at right angles is A/34 kg and acting at 60? is 70 kg. The forces are
A. 1 kg and 4 kg
B. 2 kg and 3 kg
C. 3 kg and kg
D. 3 kg and 5 kg.
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13. A point subjected to a number of forces will be in equilibrium, if
A. sum of resolved parts in any two directions at right angles, are both zero
B. algebraic sum of the forces is zero
C. two resolved parts in any two directions at right angles are equal
D. algebraic sum of the moments of the forces about the point is zero
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14. The forces which meet at one point and have their lines of action in different planes are called
A. coplaner non-concurrent forces
B. non-coplaner concurrent forces
C. non-coplaner non-current forces
D. intersecting forces
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