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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

113. The vehicle moving on a level circular path will exert pressure such that reaction on
A. outer wheels will be more
B. inner wheels will be more
C. inner as well as outer wheels will be equal
D. none of these.

114. A 1200 kg vehicle is to negotiate a circular curve of radius 100 metres with a velocity of 36 km p.h. If the height of its C.G. above road level is 1 metre and the distance between the centre lines of the wheels is 1.5 metres, the reaction on the outer wheels, will be
A. 538.8 kg
B. 661.2 kg
C. 438.8 kg
D. 461.2 kg.

115. Newton's law of motion of rotation which states, "Every body continues in its state of rest or of uniform motion of rotation about an axis unless it is acted upon by some external torque" is
A. first law of motion
B. second law of motion
C. third law of motion
D. fourth law of motion.

116. Radius of gyration of a solid sphere of radius
A. 0.1 r2
B. 0.2 r2
C. 0.3 r2
D. 0.4 r2

117. Minimum coefficient of friction between the sphere and a plane inclined 00 to the horizontal, so that the sphere may roll without slipping, is
A. 2/7 tan 0
B. 2/5 tan 0
C. 2/3 tan 0
D. 1/2 tan 0

118. Acceleration ()') and radius of gyration (k) of a spherical body of radius r, rolling down a plane inclined 00 to the horizontal, without slipping satisfies the equation

119. The motion of a bicycle wheel is
A. translatory
B. rotary
C. rotary and translatory
D. curvilinear

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