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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

106. The length of a Second's pendulum, is
A. 99.0 cm
B. 99.4 cm
C. 100 cm
D. 101 cm

107. If the radius of the earth is 6000 km the height of a mountain above sea level at the top of which a beat seconds pendulum at sea level, looses 27 seconds a day, is
A. 500 metres
B. 1000 metres
C. 1500 metres
D. 2000 metres

108. A Second's pendulum gains 2 minutes a day. To make it to keep correct time its length
A. must be decreased
B. must be increased
C. is not changed but weight of the bob is increased
D. is not changed but weight of the bob is decreased

109. A rigid body suspended vertically at a point and oscillating with a small amplitude under the action of the force of gravity, is called
A. simple pendulum
B. compounded pendulum
C. Second's pendulum
D. none of these.

110. Centrifugal force acting on a body, moving along a circular path, will be
A. proportional to centripetal force
B. inversely proportional to centripetal force
C. equal and similar to centripetal force
D. equal and opposite to centripetal force

111. A railway engine weighing 60 tonnes is moving with a speed of 10 m/sec on a circular track whose radius is 200 metres. The force exerted on the rails towards the centre of the track, is
A. 3061 kg
B. 2061 kg
C. 1061 kg
D. 4061 kg.

112. Superelevation for a broad gauge railway track of 500 m radius at an average speed of 50 kin/hour, is equal to
A. 66 mm
B. 55 mm
C. 44 mm
D. 33 mm.

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