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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Applied Mechanics }

71. A train moving at 30 kilometres per hour is struck by a bullet moving 500 m/sec at right angles to the train. The direction with which the bullet appears to strike the train, is
A. 30?
B. 60?
C. 60?
D. 90?,
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72. A ship is moving N 48? 30' W at 20 knots/hour and a second ship is moving E 90? at 10 knots/hour, the relative velocity of the second ship with respect to first, is
A. 15 knots
B. 10 knots
C. 23 knots
D. 13 hnots.
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73. A fighter plane flying horiozntally at an altitude of 4121 m with a velocity of 468 km/hour has aimed an enemy camp. In order to hit the camp, the exact distance of the plane from the camp, should be
A. 2770 m
B. 3770 m
C. 4770 m
D. 5770 m.
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74. The path traced by a projectile in the sky, is
A. circular
B. parabolic
C. elliptical
D. catenary
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75. Cartesian equation of a trajectory, isX2
A. y x sin a - g
B. y - x tan a -gX2
C. y = x tan a +
D. y - x tan a
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76. Time of flight of a projectile on a horizontal plane, is
A.2u sin a
B.2u cos a
C.2u tan a
D.2u cot a
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77. For maximum range of a projectile, the angle of projection should be
C. 60?
D. none of these.
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