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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Air Port Engineering }

57. According to I.C.A.O. all markings on the runways are painted white and on taxiways
A. black
B. red
C. yellow
D. green.
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58. The threshold markings are
A. 4 m wide
B. 1 m clear space between adjacents 45 m in length
C. placed symmetrically on either side of the runway centre line
D. all the above.
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59. For night landing, the thresholds are lighted
A. green
B. red
C. white
D. yellow.
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60. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. F.I.R. stands for flight information regions
B. F.I.C. stands for flight information centre
C. Radius of control area is 160 km
D. All the above.
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61.  The best direction of a runway is along the direction of
A. longest line on wind rose diagram
B. shortest line on the wind rose diagram
C. line clear of wind rose diagram
D. none of these,
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62. Total correction for elevation, temperature and gradient for a runway should not be more than
D. 35%.
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63. The coordinates of the ends of a runway are (5000, 5000) and (8000, 7000). The co-ordinates of an other runway are (4600, 5100) and (7000, 5300). The co-ordinates of the A.R.P. are
A. (6500, 6000)
B. (5800, 5200)
C. (61500, 5600)
D. (8000, 7000).
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