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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Air Port Engineering }

29. The reduced levels of the ends A and B of a runway are 3025 m and 3035 m and that of its mid-point is 3015 m. The reduced level of the horizontal surface, is
A. 3070 m
B. 3060 m
C. 3075 m
D. 3015 m

30.  For Class A Air port the difference of reduced levels of higher and lower edges of the conical surface, is
A. 25 m
B. 60 m
C. 75 m
D. 100 m.

31. Pick up the correct abbreviation from the following :
A. I.L.S. (instrument landing system)
B. V.H.F. (very high frequency)
C. L.O.M. (low powered outer marker)
D. All the above.

32. In instrument landing system
A. L.O.M. and L M M are installed on one side and Localizer antenna on the other side
B. L.O.M. and Localizer are installed on one side and L.M.M. on the other side
C. Localizer and L.M.M. are installed on one side and L.O.M. on the other side
D. None of these.

33.  Pick up the incorrect statement from the following :
A. L.O.M. is installed at 7.2 km from the threshold
B. L.M.M. is installed at 1.0 km from the threshold
C. Localizer antenna is installed at 300 m from the other end of the runway
D. Glide slope antenna is installed at the centre of the runway about 150 m on one side

34. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Runway edge from the landing side, is called threshold
B. Localizer indicates to the pilot his position with respect to the proposed alignment
C. The glide slope indicates the correct angle of descent
D. All the above.

35.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Approximate geometric centre of the landing area, is called air port reference point
B. The boundaries of horizontal surface and conical surface are marked with reference to air port reference point
C. The location of the air port on a map is the position of air port reference point
D. All the above.

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