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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Air Port Engineering }

8.  According to the International Civil Aviation Organisation (I.C.A.0.) the strength of runway pavements, have been coded by
A. Seven English alphabets
B. Last Seven English alphabets
C. First Seven English alphabets
D. First seven numbers

9. The maximum length and pavement strength of the runway is that of
A. A 1
B. B 2
C. B 3
D. G 7.

10.  Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Minimum turning radius of aircrafts decides the size of the apron and the radius of the curves at taxi-ends
B. Take off and landing distances for an aircraft, determine the minimum runway length
C. The length of the normal haul of the air craft decides the frequency of operation
D. All the above.

11. The thickness design of the pavement, is decided on the load carried by
A. main gears
B. nose wheel
C. tail wheel
D. all the above.

12. The maximum value of the angle of turning of the nose gear large jet aircrafts, is limited to
A. 20?
B. 30?
D. 60?.

13. The distance between main gears is 10 m, and the distance of nose gear from centre of main gears is 30 in. If the angle of turning is 60?, the distance of centre of rotation from the nearer main gear, is
A. 12.30 m
B. 11.30 m
C. 10.30 m
D. 9.30 m.

14.  Wing loading of an aircraft is
A. load of the wings
B. gross total weight of the aircraft load of wings
C. gross total weight of the aircraft wing area
D. gross total weight of the aircraft total available H.P. of engines

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