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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Advanced Surveying }

50. The altitude of a circumpolar star is maximum when it is
A.(a) declination must be 0?
B. declination must be 90?
C. distance from the pole must be less than the latitude of the observer
D. hour angle must be 180?.

51. At lower culmination, the pole star moves
A. eastward
B. westward
C. northward
D. southward.

52. If a is the observed altitude, the refraction correction in seconds, is
A. 58" cot a
B. 58" tan a
C. 58 sin a
D. 58 cos a.

53. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Refraction correction is zero when the celestial body is in the zenith
B. Refraction correction is 33' when the celestial body is on the horizon
C. Refraction correction of celestial bodies depends upon their altitudes
D. all the above.

54. The correction for parallax, is
A. - 8".8 cos a
B. + .8" sin a
C. + 8".8 cos a
D. - 8".8 cos a.

55. Pick up the in-correct statement from the following
A. Correction for refraction is always negative
B. Correction for parallax is always positive
C. Correction for semi-diameter is always negative
D. Correction for dip is always negative

56. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Ursa Minor's remains always north of pole star
B. (b ) Polar star remains always north of Polaris
C. Polaris remains always north of Ursa Minor's
D. Ursa Minor's pole star and polaris are the names of the same star.

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