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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Advanced Surveying }

43. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. The angular distance of hevenly bodies on observer's meridian measured from the pole, is
A. co-declination
B. co-altitude
C. co-latitude
D. polar distance

44. Right ascension of a heavenly body is its equatorial angular distance measured
A. westward from the first point of Libra
B. eastward from the first point of Aeries
C. westward from the first point of Aeries
D. eastward from the first point of Libra.

45. Latitude of the observer's position is equal to altitude of
A. north pole
B. pole star
C. celestial pole
D. all the above.

46. The position of a heavenly body on the celestial sphere can be completely specified by
A. its altitude and azimuth
B. its declination and hour angle
C. its declination and right ascension
D. all the above.

47. The most convenient co-ordinate system for specifying the relative positions of heavenly bodies on the celestial sphere, is
A. altitude and azimuth system
B. declination and hour angle system
C. declination and right ascension system
D. declination and altitude system

48. Circumpolar stars
A. rotate round the north pole
B. rotate round the celestial pole
C. remain always above the horizon
D. are seldom seen near the pole star

49. For any star to be a circumpolar star, its
A. declination must be 0?
B. declination must be 90?
C. distance from the pole must be less than the latitude of the observer
D. hour angle must be 180?.

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