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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Advanced Surveying }

106. The scale of a tilted photograph of focal length f, taken from an altitude H, along the plate parallel through plumb point, is
B. f sec 0
C.H sec 0
D.?H cos -2 0

107. For plane ground the scale of a vertical photograph will be same as that of a tiled photograph along the photo parallel through
A. isocentre
B. plumb point
C. principal point
D. none of these.

108. If v, t and are the ground speed of the aircraft, the shutter speed of the camera and the scale of the photograph respectively, then the amount of image displacement
A. t- v t H
B.f _t H tH i = u.t

109. The parallax of a point on the photograph is due to
A. ground elevation
B.(b ) flying height
C. length of air base
D. all the above.

110. The want of correspondence in stereo-photographs
A. is a good property
B. is a function of tilt
C. is not affected by the change of flying height between photographs
D. is minimum when 0 is 30.

111. 23 cm x 23 cm photographs are taken from a flying height with a camera of focal length of 3600 m and 15.23 cm respectively. A parallax difference of 0.01 mm represents
A.(a ) 1 m
B. 2 m
C. 3 m
D. 4 m

112. The rotation of aircraft about the line of flight, is designated by the letter
A. co, and is sometimes called 'roll'
B. , and is sometimes called 'pitch'
C. x, and is sometimes called 'swing'
D. none of these.

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