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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Advanced Surveying }

99. To obtain photographs of an area of 1000 m average elevation, on scale 1 : 30,000, with a camera of 30 cm focal length, the flying height is
A. 4000 m
B. 5000 m
C. 6000 m
D. 7000 m.

100. Homologous points are
A. opposite corners of a photograph
B. nodal points of the camera lens
C. corresponding points on the ground and photograph
D. plumb points of stereo pair of photographs.

101. The following points form a pair of homologous points:
A. Photo principal point and ground principal point
B. Photo isocentre and ground isocentre
C. Photo plumb point and ground plumb point
D. all the above.

102. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. The principal point coincides with plumb point on a true vertical photograph
B. The top of a hill appears on a truly vertical photograph at greater distance than its bottom from the principal point
C. The top of a hill is represented on a vertical photograph at larger scale than the area of a nearby valley
D. All the above.

103. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. The angle between the plane of the negative and the horizontal plane containing perspective axis is the tilt of the photograph
B.(b ) The direction of maximum tilt is defined by the photo principal line
C. The principal plane is truly vertical plane which contains perspective centre as well as principal point and plumb point
D. All the above.

104. A plate parallel is the line on the plane of the negative
A. parallel to the principal line
B. perpendicular to the principal line
C. along the bisector of the angle between the principal line and a perpendicular line through principal plane
D. none of these.

105. The scale of a tilted photograph of focal length f taken from an altitude H, along the plate parallel through principal point is
A. H sec 0
B. h tan 13
C.H cos -2 0
D. h(tan a - tan p)

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