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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Advanced Surveying }

85. The slotted template method
A. is prepared, by graphical method
B. is suitable for large areas with less control
C. is rapid and accurate
D. all the above.

86. If pB and Ap be the parallax to B and difference in parallaxes to A and B respectively, on a pair of stereo photographs having focal length f and ground base B, the difference in their heights, is
A. Ah = PB Bf Ap + PB
B. Ap Bf PB (AP + PB)
C. Ah ? ApBf PB (PB - AP)
D. AP .,Bf PBap

87. Parallax bar measures
A. parallax
B. height
C. parallax difference
D. height difference.

88. The difference of height of two points whose parallax difference is 0.8 mm on a pair of stereo pair taken from a height H is 100 m. If mean photo base is 95.2 mm, the flying height is
A. 8000 m
B. 10,000 m
D. 14,000 m

89. The stereo plotting instruments are generally manufactured on the principle of
A. optical projection
B. optical mechanism projection
C. mechanical projection
D. all the above.

90. The displacement of the pictured position of a point of h elevation on a vertical photograph taken with a camera of 30 cm focal length, from an altitude of 3000 m, is
A. 4.4 mm
B. 5.5 mm
C. 6.5 mm
D. 7.5 mm

91. Rotation of the camera at exposure about its vertical axis, is known as
A. swing
B. tilt
C. tip
D. none of these.

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