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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Advanced Surveying }

64. Polaris is usually observed for the determination of the azimuth when it is
A. at culmination
B. at elongation
C. neither at culmination nor at elongation
D. either at culmination or at elongation.

65. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. High oblique photographs
A. may have tilt up to 30?
B. may include the image of the horizon
C. may not include the image of the horizon
D. none of these.

66. Pick up the correct statement from the following :
A. Aerial photographs may be either vertical or oblique
B. Vertical photographs are taken with the axis of camera pointing vertically downward
C. Vertical photographs are used for most accurate maps
D. all the above.

67. The point where a vertical line through the optical centre of the camera lens intersects the ground, is known as
A. ground principal point
B. ground plumb point
C. iso-centre
D. perspective centre.

68. The foot of the perpendicular on the picture plane through the optical centre of the camera lens, is known as
A. isocentre
B. principal point
C. perspective centre
D. plumb line.

69. The point on the photograph where bisector between the vertical line through optical centre of the camera lens and the plate perpendicular meets, is known as
A. principal point
B. isocentre
C. plumb point
D. perspective centre.

70. Homologous point is
A. photo principal point
B. ground principal point
C. ground isocentre
D. all the above.

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