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Civil Engineering Objective Questions { Advanced Surveying }

1. If the equatorial distance between two meridians is 100 km, their distance at 600 latitude will be
A. 1000 km
B. 800 km
C. 600 km
D. 500 km

2. Pick up the incorrect statement from the following. In a spherical triangle
A. every angle is less than two right angles
B. sum of the three angles is equal to two right angles
C. sum of the three angles less than six right angles and greater than two right angles
D. if the sum of any two sides is 71, the sum Of the angles opposite them is also n

3. According to Napier's Rules of circular parts for a right angled triangle, sine of middle part equals the product of
A. tangents of two adjacent parts
B. sines of two adjacent parts
C. cosines of two adjacent parts
D. both (a) and (b) above.

4. In a spherical triangleABC, right angled at C, sin b equals
A. sin a cos A
B. cos a sin A
C. tan a cot A
D. cot A tan a

5. In a spherical triangle ABC right angled at C, sin b equals to
A. sin c sin B
B. cos c cos B
C. tan c tan B
D. sin c cos B

6. If S is the sum of three angles of a spherical triangle, the spherical excess equals
A. S - 90?
B.S - 180?
C. S - 270?
D. S - 360?.

7. The great circle whose plane is perpendicular to the axis of rotation of the earth, is called
A. equator
B. terrestrial equator
C. 0' latitude
D. all the above,

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