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71. On Excel screen, Tab scroll buttons are
A.towards the top left corner
B.towards the top right corner
C.towards the bottom right corner
D.towards the bottom left corner

72. Choose from the following, which is not the correct method of editing the cell content ?
A.Press the Alt key
B.Press the F2 key
C.Double click the cell
D.Click the formula bar

73. In Excel Worksheet how can you show or hide the grid-lines ?
A.Click Grid-line tool on Forms toolbar
B.Go to Tools -> Options -> View tab and mark or remove the check box named Gridline
C.Both of above
D.None of above

74. When you press Ctrl + X after selecting some cells in Excel, what will happen then
A.The cell content of selected cells disappear from cell and stored in clipboard
B.The selected cells are deleted and cells are shifted up
C.The selected cells are deleted and the cells are shifted left
D.The cells selected are marked for cutting

75. In Paste Special dialog box, which of the following option is not available ?
D.Square root

76. To convert a column of data into row, which command will you choose
A.Edit -> Paste Special -> Transpose
B.Cut and Paste
C.Both of above
D.None of above

77. Using Paste Special command which of the following you can paste selectively
D.All of above

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