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Course On Computer Concepts Objective Questions { Computer Architect Design }

36. Which is used for this and known as high speed buffer exist with almost each process ?
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37. In which condition only one process holds a resource at a given time ?
A.Circular queue
B.Hold and Wait
C.Mutual exclusion
D.Non preemption
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38. In which condition one process holds the allocated resources and other waits for it ?
A.Non preemption
B.Mutual exclusion
C.Hold and wait
D.All of above
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39. What is meaning of PCB ?
A.Process control block
B.Preemptive control block
C.Process close block
D.Process carrying block
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40. Arithmetic instruction are used to perform operation on ?
A.Non Numerical data
B.Numerical data
C.Both of above
D.None of above
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41. What Mnemonic represents ?
B.Physical Address
C.Operation Address
D.Operation codes
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42. What is full form of LED ?
A.Low Emitting Diode
B.Light Emitting Diode
C.Light Emitting Data
D.Light Encounter Diode
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