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15. The performance of the cache memory is measured in terms of ?
A.Hit Ratio
B.Chat Ratio
C.Copy Ratio
D.Data Ratio

16. A set of physical addresses is also known as ?
A.Disk Space
B.Address Space
C.Memory Space

17. Which devices among following are usually designed on the complex electromechanical principle ?
A.Printing devices
B.Input devices
C.Storage devices
D.Peripheral devices

18. ________ read the data by reflecting pulses of laser beams on the surface ?
A.Magnetic disk
B.Optical disk
C.Floppy disk

19. If CPU and I/O interface share a common bus than transfer of data between two units is known as ?
B.Clock dependent
D.Decoder independent

20. All the operations in a digital system are synchronized by a clock that is generated by ?
B.Clock generator
D.Pulse generator

21. Asynchronous means ?
A.Not in step with the elapse of time
B.Not in step with the elapse of address
C.Not in step with the elapse of data
D.Not in step with the elapse of control

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