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Course on Computer Concepts MCQs { CCC Set 3 }

50. By pressing which key we can move to beginning of a page ?
A.Window Key
B.Shift Key
C.Tab Key
D.Home Key

51. What is unit of speed of Super Computer ?

52. What is full form of RAM ?
A.Read Access Memory
B.Read Alternative Memory
C.Random Access Memory
D.Random Alternative Memory

53. Which of the following software is interacts with the hardware ?
A.Application software
B.Utility program
C.System software

54. Secondary memory is also known as ?
A.Second pass memory
B.Dynamic memory
C.Auxiliary memory
D.Temporary memory

55. What is full form of TIFF ?
A.The Image File Format
B.Tagged Image File Format
C.Tagged Image File Front
D.The Image Fax Format

56. Computer resolution measures ?
A.Size of screen
B.Shape of screen
C.Number of pixels
D.Number of colours it support

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