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Course on Computer Concepts MCQs { CCC Set 3 }

85. What is full form of USB ?
A.Unicoded Smart Bus
B.Universal Smart Bus
C.Uni-coded Serial Bus
D.Universal Serial Bus

86. In terms of network what is meaning of SAP ?
A.Smart Access Point
B.Service Access Point
C.Service At Point
D.Service Access Permission

87. What is full form of CSS ?
A.Creative Style Shots
B.Creative Style Sheets
C.Cascading Style Sheets
D.Cascading Style Shots

88. What is full form of PHP ?
A.Processor Hypertext Program
B.Hypertext Preprocessor
C.Pre Hypertext Processor
D.Pre Processor Hypertext

89. What is the full form of IC ?
A.Interrelated Circuit
B.Integrated Conductor
C.Integrated Conductor
D.Integrated Circuit

90. What is full form of SQL ?
A.Straight Query Langauge
B.Structured Query Language
C.Structured Query Laison
D.Structured Query Linear

91. What is full form of WMV ?
A.Window Media Video
B.Write Media Video
C.Write Many Video
D.Write Media Visual

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