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Course on Computer Concepts MCQs { CCC Set 2 }

78. What is full form of TIFF ?
A.The Image File Format
B.Tagged Image File Format
C.Tagged Image File Front
D.The Image Fax Format

79. Computer resolution measures ?
A.Size of screen
B.Shape of screen
C.Number of pixels
D.Number of colours it support

80. Mouse , trackball and joystick are the examples of ?
A.Scanning devices
B.Multimedia devices
C.Pointing devices
D.Storing devices

81. Modem is used mostly for ?
A.Mostly for file system
B.A modern empty memory modules
C.Connecting to internet
D.None of above

82. Which are the main parts of central processing unit ?
A.Control unit and Arithmetic Logic Unit
C.USB ports
D.None of above

83. From which year 5th generation of computers is considered ?

84. Which of these are internal parts of computer ?
A.Expansion Slots
B.Network card
C.Cooling Fan
D.All of above

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