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Course on Computer Concepts MCQs { CCC Set 1 }

36. MPG is an file extension of which type of files ?

37. Binary number system consists of ?
A.0's and 1's only
B.All alphanumeric characters
C.Depends computer to computer
D.None of above

38. ADC stands for ?
A.Analog to digital converter
B.AC to DC converter
C.All Digital Content
D.All Data Content

39. Firewall is ?
A.a hardware
B.a software
C.can be a hardware as well as software
D.can neither be a hardware nor a software

40. LAN stands for ?
A.Local Area Network
B.Land Area Network
C.Least Area Network
D.Leave All Network

41. One million bytes of information are ?
A.1 MB
B.1 GB
C.1 KB
D.None of above

42. Which of the following are components of Central Processing Unit (CPU) ?
A.Arithmetic logic unit, Mouse
B.Arithmetic logic unit, Control unit
C.Arithmetic logic unit, Integrated Circuits
D.Control Unit, Monitor

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