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Course on Computer Concepts MCQs { CCC Set 1 }

22. Which among following is not a logical gate ?

23. What is full form of ASP ?
A.Active Service Process
B.Active Service Pages
C.Active Server Pages
D.None of above

24. Range of colors depends on ?
A.Number of bits code lines with each pixel
B.Number of bits associated with each pixel
C.Number of instructions associated with each pixel
D.Number of code associated with each pixel

25. What is full form of RTC ?
A.Real time clock
B.Real time check
C.Related to check
D.Related to clock

26. If a computer has more than one processor then it is known as ?
C.Multi threaded

27. What is full form of UDP ?
A.User Data Process
B.User Data Protocol
C.User Datagram Process
D.User Datagram Protocol

28. Where is RAM located ?
A.Expansion Board
B.External Drive
C.Mother Board
D.All of above

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