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Course on Computer Concepts MCQs { CCC Set 1 }

71. Which among following are used for printing big charts, drawings, maps and 3 dimensional illustrations specially for architectural and designing purposes ?

72. What is full form of PSTN ?
A.Process Switched Telephone Network
B.Public Switched True Network
C.Public Serial Telephone Network
D.Public Switched Telephone Network

73. What is full form of SMTP ?
A.Simple Mail Transmit Protocol
B.Smart Mail Transfer Protocol
C.Smart Mailbox Transfer Protocol
D.Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

74. What is full form CMOS ?
A.Content Metal Oxide Semiconductor
B.Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
C.Complementary Metal Oxygen Semiconductor
D.Complementary Metal Oscilator Semiconductor

75. SLIP stands for ?
A.Serial Line Internet Processing
B.Serial Line Internet Protocol
C.Serial Line Protocol
D.None of above

76. What is full form of STP ?
A.Serial Twisted Pair
B.Shielded Twisted Pair
C.Shielded Three Pair
D.Serail Three Pair

77. What is full form of URL ?
A.Uniform Resource Location
B.Uniform Resource Locator
C.Universal Resource Locator
D.Uniform Retention Locator

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