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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Vectors Uses for Animal Cell Culture }

22. Lytic infection of SV 40 does not occur in
A.permissive cells
B.non permissive cells
C.both (a) and (b)
D.none of these
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23. Moloney-Mu-leukemia virus is an example of
A.Vaccinia virus
B.Baculo virus
C.Retro virus
D.none of these
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24. Which one of the following is true about Yeast Integrative plasmids (YIp) vectors?
A.Allows transformation by using crossing over
B.Has a origin of replication and rep genes
C.Carries autonomously replicating sequence
D.Carries centromere and telomere sequences
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25. The size of the genome of SV 40 is
A.7.2 kb
B.69 kb
C.5.2 kb
D.110 kb
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26. YAC vectors can be used to obtain artificial chromosomes because it carries
C.autonomously replicating sequence
D.all of these
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27. Maximum insert size in case of adenovirus vectors is
A.6-8 kb
B.4-6 kb
C.10-12 kb
D.20 kb
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28. SV 40 vectors, in which late region replacements are done, require
A.COS cell line
B.SV 40 helper virus
C.pBR 322 vector
D.none of these
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