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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Vectors Uses for Animal Cell Culture }

1. Yeast Replicating plasmids (YRp) carry
C.autonomously replicating sequence
D.both (a) and (c)
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2. Which of the following viruses are used as vectors for transferring genes to animal cells?
A.SV 40 virus
B.Bovine papilloma virus (BVP)
D.All of these
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3. Recombinant adeno virus can be created by deleting E1A/E 1B genes that are
A.transcriptional regulators and are essential for viral replication
B.not necessary for viral replication
C.coding for virus coat protein
D.important for packaging of viral DNA into viral head
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4. Retroviruses have advantage for being used as vector for animal cells because
A.they cover a wide host range
B.infection does not lead to cell death, infected cells produce virus over an indefinite period
C.viral gene expression is driven by strong promoters
D.all of the above
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5. Using bovine papilloma virus (BPV) derived vectors, permanent cell lines can be obtained carrying a recombinant DNA
A.episomally only
B.integrated only
C.either episomally or integrated at high copy number
D.either episomally or integrated at low copy number
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6. Which of the following histone is not present in SV40 virus?
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7. Autonomously replicating sequence is not present in
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