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Biotechnology Objective Questions { Transgenic Plant }

29.  Bruise resistant tomatoes have been developed by the expression of antisense RNA against
A.glycerol 1 phosphate acyl transferase
C.ACC deaminase
D.Sucrose phosphate synthase gene
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30. Which cell-based technology endows a cell with increased ability to harness energy?
D.Protoplast fusion
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31. The first field tests were conducted with which of the following genetically altered organism?
A.bt Corn
B.Vaccinia virus containing a gene from the rabies virus
C.The flavrsavr tomato
D.Strawberry seedlings sprayed with ice-minus bacteria
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32. The delayed ripening tomato was created by a biotechnologist who __________ a gene.
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33. Antisense technology
A.selectively blocks expression of a gene
B.combines genetic material from different species
C.combines organelles and cells
D.alters or transfers cells
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34. Antisense transgenic plants produced fruit that softened
A.more slowly than the normal fruit
B.more rapidly than the normal fruit
C.as the normal fruits
D.none of these
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35. Insect resistance in the transgenic plant has been achieved by
A.transferring genes for Bt toxins
B.transferring genes for protease inhibitors
C.transferring genes for other insecticidal secondary metabolities
D.all of the above
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